Available to all agent members, Auto-Repost is an excellent complement for agents who want to save the hassle of reposting listings manually yet maximising the listing exposure.

It allows you to automatically schedule your repost activities according to your preferred day, time and duration. And most importantly, you could also maximise your Ad Credits investment by using Auto-Repost:

To set-up an Auto-Repost booking, follow these steps:

1. Login to AgentNet, go to 'My Listings' and select the listing you wish to 'Auto-Repost'.

You can also choose to Auto-Repost multiple listings all at once by clicking the checkbox on the left hand side of the listings.

A red ribbon will show-up once multiple selections are made on top of the page. Simply click on “Auto-Repost Selected” to repost multiple listings.

Note: If you have chosen multiple listings in your Auto-Repost booking, the same schedule will be applicable across all selected listings. If you prefer different schedules for each listing, you will have to book them one by one.

2. There will be a pop-up where you can select your preferred day and time for your Auto-Repost booking.

3. Upon setting your duration, the total Ad Credits that is forecast for your booking will be shown in the purple box.

Note: Ad Credits is deducted only upon each event of listing repost and the amount may vary due to the use of Spotlight.

To activate your booking, simply click on 'Auto-Repost Now'

4. Auto-Repost box will turn blue to indicate Auto-Repost booking has been successful. It also will indicate next repost date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Auto-Repost?

The Auto-Repost feature allows you to automatically repost your listings according to your preferred day, time and duration, so they remain competitively ranked at all time.

2. What are the enhancements made to the Auto-Repost booking flow?

  • You can now schedule Auto-Repost for your listing via “My Listings” page, right where your listing is. You no longer need to go to “My Bookings” page to do so, which has been removed.

  • You can now set up more than 3 schedules in one booking, apply to a single listing or multiple listings.

  • With a few clicks on “My Listings” page, you can now set-up Auto-Repost for multiple listings at one-go. You no longer need to input and search by Listing ID one-by-one.

These updates are made to ensure you can set up your Auto-Repost booking with greater ease.

3. Would any of the enhancements affect how listings that are on Auto-Repost schedule, be ranked on the search results?

There are no changes to the search results algorithm.

4. When will the enhancements be made available to all agents?

They are available as of 16 July 2020 at AgentNet (Web).

5. Will the Auto-Repost update be available on AgentNet App?

These enhancements are not on AgentNet App yet. Please be assured that you will be informed once the enhancements are rolled out to AgentNet App.

6. Why did PropertyGuru update the Auto-Repost booking flow?

We are making these updates to help agents book their Auto-Repost with greater ease.

7. Does this impact my existing Auto-Repost bookings?

Any scheduled Auto-repost bookings made before 16 July 2020, 00:00hrs, will not be affected. Your bookings are reflected next to ‘Auto-Repost’, under “My Listings” at AgentNet.

8. I realised that the ‘My Bookings’ section is no longer available in the navigation bar. How do I Auto-Repost my listing now?

You can schedule your Auto-Repost booking via the “My Listings” page, as the “My Bookings” page has been removed from AgentNet.

9. Can I book multiple listings with Auto-Repost?

Yes, you can select multiple listings which you can Auto-Repost at the same day, time and duration.

10. Can I choose the day, time and duration based on my own preference?

Yes, you are able to choose the day, time and duration of your Auto-Repost booking.

Note: You cannot select duplicate days and duplicate times. You can however add more new time slots on specific days.

11. Can I choose a different day, time and duration on the multiple listings I’ve chosen?

You are not able to select a different day, time and duration for the multiple listings you’ve chosen on the same Auto-Repost booking you made.

If you prefer another set of schedule for each of your listing, you will have to book them separately as a single Auto-Repost booking.

12. Would there be any changes to the number of Ad Credits deducted for Auto-Repost?

No, the amount of Ad Credits deducted for every repost still remain at 2 Ad Credits. However, the final amount of Ad Credits deducted is dependent on the frequency of your Auto-Repost schedule and also the use of Spotlight.

13. Will I see how much Ad Credits will be deducted for my Auto-Repost booking?

Yes, upon confirming the listings on your Auto-Repost booking, there will be a pop-up which shows the forecasted amount of Ad Credits you will use in the duration of your Auto-Repost booking. The forecasted credits will differ due to the use of Spotlight.

Ad Credits are only deducted upon each event of listing repost and the amount may vary due to the use of Spotlight.

14. Will the Ad Credits deducted be different in each event of listing Repost?

The amount of Ad Credits required to Repost your listing throughout your Auto-Repost booking may differ due to the use of Spotlight.

The actual amount of Ad Credits deducted may be lower or higher than the forecasted amount, depending on whether you have selected any active Spotlight listings as part of your Auto-Repost booking.

Auto-Repost will only deduct the required credits when the reposting of the listing happens.

15. In any time of my Auto-Repost booking, will I be able to check how much Ad Credits was used so far?

Yes, if you click on the active Auto-Repost at AgentNet > My Listings, you are able to check the total Ad Credits used to date and the total forecasted Ad Credits left on the Auto-Repost booking made.

16. I have an active Auto-Repost. Can I still amend my Auto-Repost Booking?

Yes, you can edit your booking by clicking on the 'Auto-Repost' button and make necessary amendments or cancel the Auto-Repost.

17. Can I cancel my Auto-Repost booking, if I have activated it already?

Yes, you can. Simply click on the 'Auto-Repost' button and click 'Stop Auto-Repost'

18. If I were to stop my Auto-Repost booking before the schedule ends, how would my Ad Credits be deducted?

Ad Credits are only deducted upon each event of listing repost. If your booking is scheduled to run from 10 June 2020 to 15 Sep 2020, and you had canceled it on 30 June 2020, only credits used between 10 June 2020 to 30 June 2020 would have been deducted from your account.

19. Will Auto-Repost changes apply to Commercial Listings too?

Yes, the Auto-Repost updates will be available to Commercial Listings too.

About Spotlight

20. Can I repost a Spotlight listing?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you repost your Spotlight listing for better ranking. Please note that Spotlight does not extend your listing expiry date.

21. I have an active Auto-Repost for my Spotlight listing. Is this equivalent to “Auto-Spotlight”?

No, it is not equivalent to Auto-Spotlight. Repost and Spotlight are two different products with different functions and algorithm.

Auto-Spotlight allows you to auto-renew your Spotlight listing till you have turned it off while Auto-Repost allows you to schedule your repost activities according to your preferred day, time and duration.

22. Can I use Auto-Repost to Repost my Spotlight listing?

Yes, Auto-Repost can be used to repost your Spotlight listing. It does not matter if you choose to Spotlight or set your Auto-Repost schedule for your listing first.

However, please note that Auto-Repost cannot be used to extend or renew your Spotlight listing.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

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  • Email: enquiries@propertyguru.com.my

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