Weekly Featured Listings Report is a detailed record of your past and present Weekly Featured Listings purchase and usage history. This gives you greater visibility on your available inventory balance and allows you to plan in advance your next actions to take, be it knowing how many more listings you can select to feature or when to top up additional inventory. 

How to access the report:

Login to AgentNet and click on “Reports”, followed by “Weekly Featured Listings”.

When you click on “Weekly Featured Listings” under “Reports”, you’ll see:

When you click on “Usage Details” in the Weekly Featured Listings report, the report will expand to display the usage details of that order. 

More information on Weekly Featured Listings Report

Can I view my entire Weekly Featured Listings past purchase and usage history?

For purchase history, the Weekly Featured Listings report will show your past purchase from the start of your first Weekly Featured Listings purchase. 

For usage history, the Weekly Featured Listings report will be updated in a few weeks time, to show your usage history from 12 months ago, as of April 2019 onwards. 

Can I download the Weekly Featured Listings Report?

You are able to view your Weekly Featured Listings Report online. However, as the report isn't downloadable, we are working on having this function available for you soon.

Does the Weekly Featured Listings Report show both Residential Listing and Commercial Listing?

Yes, you are able to view both Residential and Commercial listings.

Can I view my Weekly Featured Listings Report via AgentNet app?

You can view your Weekly Featured Listings Report via AgentNet (web) currently. The AgentNet app will be updated later.

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