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Tips to Make Your Listing Photos Shine
Tips to Make Your Listing Photos Shine
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You have one chance at a great first impression — knock their socks off with listing photos that shine. All cover photos that appear on property seekers’ search results page will increase in size!

1. Choose the best day and time to shoot

Light is one of the most important elements to consider when taking photos. A really great shot could be ruined if the lighting isn’t good.

Any professional photographer will tell you that nothing is better than natural sunlight. Try to schedule picture-taking day on a sunny day if possible, and be sure to open curtains to allow as much natural light in as possible.

A dark, cloudy day produces very dull and gloomy pictures that won’t be attractive to property seekers. Give them a visual of how bright their days would be in that property just aren’t very appealing to look at.

2.  Shoot from the right spot
You want to showcase as much of every room as possible. But that doesn't mean lots of close-up photos of every single corner. In fact, not just any corner deserves a photo of every corner (or any corner, for that matter).

Here’s a photography hack! Aim to include three walls in your photo - this gives each room much more depth and an illusion of a more immersive ‘3-D’ effect. Instead, aim to include three walls in your image, to give each room depth. Often, that means shooting from the doorway or a corner

3. Do consider a bird’s eye view.

Taking a photo from above is a great way to show off a large property or a waterfront location. Crop the photo close enough so the home is visible without having to draw an arrow or a box around it.

Allow buyers to have 360 degree views of the property. Create a new experience for property seekers.

Gain an edge over your competitors by letting your clients know you are different from the rest!

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