In PropertyGuru our product for Agents spans a variety of formats, and headline writing is COMPULSORY to each listing. Headlines are like a short description field that helps agents to call out the best features of each of their properties. They will be used across the PropertyGuru platform to better promote agents’ listings. Headlines apply to both Residential and Commercial listings.

Here are the terms and restrictions on Headlines that you should take note. 

Headlines must be:

  • Between 10 characters – 70 characters in length.

  • Only contain simple characters; a-z, A-Z, 0-9, spaces, and: $,-.!:;&/?@%()'

  • Please keep to a maximum of 2 punctuation marks consecutively

  • Only having sequences of digits up to 6 digits.

  • Only have the first letter of a word capitalized. (exceptions such as MRT & LRT apply)

  • Having the first letter of each sentence beginning with a capital letter.

  • Not containing any radical racist words/sentence. (per the same checks that apply to listing descriptions)

What are some examples of Headlines that will NOT be accepted?

Some examples of headlines that will not be accepted include:

“CALL ME ON 6834-6767!!!”

  • Only the first letter in a word can be capitalized, with exceptions like MRT, LRT and others.

  • Listing headlines must not contain a sequence of more than 6 digits.

“!!! ^^^ awesome listing ^^^ !!!”

  • Listing headlines may only contain letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

  • Punctuation in listing headlines must be preceded by a letter or number.

  • The first word in each sentence must begin with a capital letter.

Part of good story design is good copy, and the first piece of copy that one sees is the headline! Need more tips on what makes a good listing? Please look at our article.

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