Headlines are arguably the single-most important element of any piece of content. When it comes to headline writing, simple and direct is best. In general, headlines with a strong present tense verb and active voice work best. Headlines should convey a benefit to property seekers when possible, enticing them to read more.

Tips on Great Headlines:

1. Use simple but powerful language. 

  •  Keeping the language simple will be your best bet to getting more eyes on your post.

  • Example: “Looking for the perfect escape from the city?” or “Your Dream Home Is Here”

 2. It must be relevant

  • The headline must be relevant to the introduction and the rest of the article otherwise you will lose the reader as soon as they see any discrepancy.

3. It must be exciting 

  • Don't bore your reader - excite them, amuse them, make them curious.

  • Example: “Cosmopolitan City Living At Its Best” or “Superb Design Generous Dimensions”

4. Focus on selling or renting your property 

  • Keep in mind, your goal is to sell or rent the property

  • Example: “Outstanding Location, Luxurious Renovation” or “Large Family Home In A Great Location” or   “An Apart-meant For YOU!”

5. Engage the target reader

  • Focus on the type of property seeker, is it first time home buyers, or investment or even retirement home seekers

  • Example: “Bargain! You can really sink your teeth into“ or “Views & Great Investment Opportunity”

6. Don’t use multiple !!! (exclamation marks)

  • If you insist on using an exclamation mark, you are forbidden from using more than one. There is nothing so exciting as to necessitate drawing attention to a property with multiple exclamation marks!!!

7. Don’t use CAPITAL letters

  • All capital letters are harder to read. Avoid using all capital letters in the Headlines

  • Words become rectangles and are harder to recognize

8. Ask a strange or funny question

  • Questions, especially weird ones, are the perfect way to grab someone's attention in a way that leaves them wanting more, creating a so-called curiosity gap.

  • Example: “Getting married or Need move out from Parent's house?“

9. Create fear of urgency

  • Fear of missing out is a real thing, and it works tremendously well when writing headlines.

  • Example “Hurry! What are you waiting for?” 

While there are plenty of tips you can follow when writing your listing, your headline examples should be unique and compelling. Choose the ones that grab the most attention, and apply that principle to your own listing!

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