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Update Property Location For Landed Property
Update Property Location For Landed Property

Input your landed/commercial property in correct location.

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Landed properties each have a unique location and will not appear on the pre-populated list of properties.  You must enter the postcode, state, district, and area details so that your property is easily found by interested property seekers. 

Here's how:

1. Click on the 'Create a temporary location'.

2. Key in all the necessary location details. Select the accurate area so your listing will be easily found by property seekers.

Note: Please select accurate location (state, district and area) for your property to target the right property seekers. Learn more on how consumer search property based on location. 

3. Input all property details. 

Property seekers respond better to detailed listings, be sure to add as much information as possible.

4. Click on Next to proceed to publish your listing!

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