You asked, we delivered! We at PropertyGuru are happy to announce that Spotlight now has new enhancements. Your Spotlighted listing(s) will now get higher ranking on search results page. 

So what is new with Spotlight 2.0?

Additional information. 

Where does your Spotlight listing appear?

Your Spotlighted listing will be displayed after the “Weekly Featured Listings” (if any) on the relevant search results page, above all regular listings. 

‘Specialist Product’ no longer have the prioritised listing feature.

Where are the additional exposure on

Your Spotlight listing will appear on these pages based on property seekers’ search and on-site behaviour.

The ranking on 'Other Properties' section can have other factors too.
For example: Listings with same number of bedrooms will be prioritized higher. 

What is Auto-Spotlight?

It enables your listing to be automatically re-Spotlighted every 7 days till you’ve unchecked the box. Your listing will also enjoy a refreshed ranking every 7 days and a continuous Spotlighted appearance.

Are these enhancements visible on PropertyGuru consumer app?

Yes, they are visible on the consumer app.

How would the Ad Credits be deducted from my account?

Ad Credits will be deducted every 7 days when the listing is re-Spotlighted.

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight now! 

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