Advertising is a great way to amplify the reach of your existing PropertyGuru listing. The best ads have strong visual imagery and compelling headlines.

Here’s how you can showcase your property listing using SocialCast and make your ad campaign stand out.

Ad Campaign for SocialCast on Facebook

1. Headline

<Insert image>

The text of your advertisement is pulled from your listing's headline. All listing that you SocialCast on Facebook must have a headline.

Tips for a Successful Headline:

  • Descriptive and speaks to your target audience
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Describes the property with a compelling storytelling element

Click here for more tips on Headlines.

2. Cover photo

All Facebook advertisements need a cover photo. This is the image that your audience will see first, so make sure that it's exciting!

Your listing's quality score helps to ensure that your listing meets Facebook's guidelines, these include:

  • No overlays
  • No collages
  • Uploading of floor plans on the correct tab

Tip: Showcase the best part of the property as your first photo to attract the most attention!

3. Each listing needs four photos

These photos in your SocialCast on Facebook ad campaign will appear in a carousel format in your advertisement. Make sure that these photos:

  • Showcase the interior and exterior of the property
  • Are clear and well lit
  • Are of a wide variety so that property seekers will have a good overview of how the property will look like

Click here for more tips on how you can make your photos shine

4. High Listing Quality Score 

Your ads should showcase the best listings that you have created in order to attract the most attention.

We have helped to ensure that your listing is compelling and visually appealing with the Listing Quality Score in place.

Only listings with a Listing Quality Score above 85% will be able to SocialCast to Facebook.

How you can create high quality listings:

  • Add more photos, videos, and a floor plan. 
  • Write a description that sells to capture property-seekers attention. 

Click here for more tips!

5. Timely Listing

Your listing must not be expiring! Depending on the package you chose; either 3 days or 7 days campaign, please ensure that your listing is active.

An example of what you will see during your SocialCast on Facebook set-up process should your listing not meet the requirements:

Once you have all these requirement ready, you are now ready to SocialCast on Facebook!

Read more at to “How to SocialCast your listing?

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