SocialCast is a feature that enables you to maximise the your listing’s exposure on medias outside of PropertyGuru easily, through AgentNet. Facebook is now the media available on SocialCast.

SocialCast on Facebook

Advertise your PropertyGuru listing on Facebook with ease, in just 4 steps. It offers reach to high-intent property seekers, re-targets engaged PropertyGuru visitors with guaranteed ad performance. 

How to SocialCast on Facebook?

  1. Create a descriptive listing in Propertyguru.
  2. Amplify your reach by advertising your listing on Facebook. Go to ‘My Listing’ and choose ‘SocialCast’.
  3. Determine how long you would like your advertisement to run on Facebook.
  4. Pay for your Facebook advertisement with a credit card or PayPal.

How much does it cost to SocialCast on Facebook?

There are three packages available for agents to choose from. Each package has a targeted number of impressions. Impressions are the number of times your listing will be shown to a Facebook audience.

NOTE: This is NOT the number of people who click on your Facebook advertisement, but the number of times it is shown on Facebook. Be sure to create visually compelling advertisements to ensure the most clicks!

Is my purchase refundable?

Purchase is non-refundable and not transferable to other listings, products/services or account.

How long does the ad campaign runs?

You can choose to run the campaign for either three or seven days. 

How can I extend my SocialCast on Facebook ad campaign?

You can opt to SocialCast your listing again after the current campaign has ended. You are unable to do an early extension, while your SocialCast campaign is still active.

Who is the targeted audience? 

We are targeting high intent property seekers in Singapore that are looking for similar property type, location and price range.  

How do I see if it is effective?

You can download or view your SocialCast performance report in AgentNet. In this report you will be able to understand if your ad campaign was effective. 

Can I use SocialCast via AgentNet App?

SocialCast via AgentNet App will be released later. You can only SocialCast your listing through AgentNet Web currently.

Where on Facebook would my ad appear?

Your ad will appear on news feed as ‘Sponsored’ ad. 

When will my ad campaign get activated?

  • If request to approved was made in the morning (12am to 11:59 am), your ad campaign will be activated 7am next day.
  • If request to approved was made in the morning (12am to 11:59 am), your ad campaign will be activated 7am next day.

What is the difference between using SocialCast on Facebook versus doing a Facebook ad campaign on my own?

With SocialCast on Facebook, your ad is retargeted to engaged property seekers that have been searching for similar listings on It has been designed to be convenient and easy to use. SocialCast on Facebook also guarantees your aimpression performance; whereby we promise to deliver at least the stated number of impressions stated in your selected ad campaign option by the end of the campaign period.

  • Retargeting : Have you ever been shopping online and decided not to purchase. Just five minutes later that same product shows up as an advertisement on your Facebook feed? This is what retargeting does.
  • Ad impression : Ad Impressions’ refers to the number of times your ad is displayed to the target audience while they are on Facebook, but does not reflect if the property seeker clicked on your ad.

What should I do with my listing if CTR (click-through rate) is high but I'm not getting any calls or queries?

There can be several reasons to why property seekers decide against contacting you about a listing, example pricing and unit configurations. However another reason could also be the quality of your listing. Ensuring a high listing quality score is not only important for your listing’s ranking, but also a good way to gauge how good your listing details are.

Ensuring that your description and headline is interesting as well. Quality photos also have a higher chance of gathering genuine leads.

I have a SocialCast campaign running, but I don’t see it when I’m browsing my own Facebook feed?

Your advertisement will only be published to target audience. Unless you are within the target audience you will not be able to see the running campaign. However you can view your SocialCast ad campaign performance report.

How do I see my own SocialCast campaign ‘live’ on Facebook?

As your SocialCasted listing will only reach the targeted audience, you won’t be able to see it unless your profile matches the target audience. However our Gurus are working to find a way that allows our agents to see their SocialCasted listings ‘live’ in action. Do stay tuned!

Head to “How to SocialCast your listing” for step-by-step guide! Try out SocialCast on Facebook Now! 

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