Your PropertyGuru profile is public to all property seekers. Property seekers are looking to work with a trustworthy agent, and this is your first step to establish your personal brand. 

First of all, upload a professional looking profile photo.

1. Only head shot

Not full body shots, make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame, your features need to be clear and sharp.

2. No group shot

A group photo or family photo just isn’t necessary, this is your profile and you don’t want your viewer having to guess who you are.

3. A smiling face and dress professionally

Nobody wants to work with someone who looks like they have an attitude or will not portray the brand image in the right way.

Then, start writing an professional agent profile that can show your expertise and increase your credibility. 

What should you include?

1. Your unique brand proposition

Establishing your unique value proposition is hidden within your pre-existing attributes,knowledge, skills, experience and relationships.  

Examine your resume, life experiences and educational background to uncover the qualifications that compose your personal validity.

eg. Being raised in this community gives me local expertise and a wide network of potential home buyers and sellers.

2.  Testimonials

92% of consumers read online reviews before making purchases. Positive reviews have a sway on their final purchase decision, do collect testimonials from satisfied customers.

3. Success story
Any notable achievement will add up to your credibility. If you are new to the industry, do write some success stories from your agency group.

All your active listings will be displayed at the same agent profile as well. 

Find Agent Profile is applicable to Specialist and Professional account, call our customer service at 03-79327555 for more info.

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