Viewing is one step nearer towards property sales, be prepared and give prospects the best presentation with knowledge, insights and best service.

What should I do before viewing?

1. Be well verse with the property

Using research and content provided by PropertyGuru, do thorough research of the properties you are showing your prospects, on the area/district plans, nearby amenities, pricing trends, etc.
For condo listings, you can find these information in condo details page.

2. Print your listing

Print your listing and pass to prospects during the viewing so they can take notes and refer to it later.

3. Be mentally and physically prepared!

Yes, you need to have a good rest the day before and show up in your best form.

What to do during viewing?

1. Property presentation

Share about the property's Unique Selling Points, on the area/district plans, nearby amenities, pricing trends, landlord/previous owner, etc.

2. Know your prospect

Ask about what he/she likes/dislikes about the property and take note

3. Understand prospect's financial

Ask about budget and financial arrangements of prospect, work out and share financial possibilities for prospects on the spot using PropertyGuru’s mortgage calculators

4. Provide leave behind materials to prospects

Allow prospect to take photos of the property and take notes on the printed copy of your listing.

Don't forget to follow up closely with the prospect in case they have any questions after the viewing!

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