The most important factor to consider for property sale is how to priced it correctly. Owners must pick the absolute right price tag based on how much the house is worth. Buyers must know that they are paying the right price for the property they like.

Professional agents play an important role in advising owners and buyers on the right price and this must be backed by credible market/ pricing insights.

Where do I start the research?

1. Local competition

Look at the recent selling price of comparable properties in the same district; same property type; about the same size;  and with similar features, like views, amenities etc.

2. Pricing insights

Find the last transactions, price trend, capital gain and rental yield of that property in listing details page.

3. Market News

Keep yourself updated by the latest property trend,news and events happening in the property industry across Malaysia.

4. Market Outlook Report 2018

The PropertyGuru Outlook Report 2018 provides comprehensive findings of the property market performance in 2017, including price movements, supply of properties over the past 12 months, as well as emerging trends in the year 2018.

5. Area Insider

PropertyGuru Area Insider shows the area status, amenities, future developments of different emerging areas.

6. Condo details page

Find the basic details of the condo you are selling and refer to the price trends of other condos in that area.

These are all useful resource that agents should leverage on to deliver insights to property seekers and owners.

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