Attractive photographs will catch the attention of your website visitors. 

Insert property images, agency photos, flyers and etc to make an interesting and resourceful personal website so visitors will stay longer in your MyWeb. 

To Insert and edit images to AgentWeb, follow these simple steps:

1. Under "MyWeb Content", click on the insert image icon.

2. There will be a pop up box that will ask you for an image URL. Click on the browse icon.

3. Click on "Choose a File" to select the photo and then "Upload" 

5. Once the selected folder is uploaded into the folder, click the name of the photo. 

6. You may add in Image description and Title so it will be found in Google images. 

7. Lastly, click "Insert" and save the changes. 

Don't forget to refresh your website to see the new changes.

TIP: Use high-quality images will attract more visitors to your site, you may hyperlink your images too.

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