With Weekly Featured Listings, you can now display your listing prominently at the top 4 slots of search results pages in a state, district or area of your choice on a weekly basis. 

Each booking is available at RM70 per week and runs from Thursday (00:00 hours) to the following Wednesday (23:59 hours).

There are only 4 slots available for each area, listing type (for sale / for rent) and property type.

All Weekly Featured Listings comes with a FEATURED label
to help you stand out more.

WFL helps to boost your listing views and maximize its exposure at PropertyGuru search results pages to reach out towards your potential buyers.

The look, feel and functionality of our Weekly Featured Listing is now enhanced with 6 new features that will amplify your listings to drive quality leads.

These are it’s 6 new awesome features: 

  • Headline
  • Large Search Results Tile
  • Image Carousel
  • Large Profile Photo
  • Direct Contact
  • Grey Border

Be one of the four prioritised listings that appears on top of all other listings. Contact your account manager now or call 03-7932 7555 to learn more, or alternatively drop us an email at enquiries@propertyguru.com.my.


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