Have you ever have similar experience? Your property photos was being used by another agents without your knowledge, contacted an agent for co-broke only to find out that the listing was a fake listing or already sold/rented out.

Property seekers like to work with professional agents who advertise genuine property listings. Therefore, we have a dedicated "listings police" to ensure that all listings on our platform follow the advertising guidelines. 

We have consolidated some common examples below:

1. Duplicate listing

Duplicate listing means two listings having two out of three of the main information, like property photos, price and build up.

Each listing should be an unique one and shouldn't be repeated for the purpose of phishing property seekers.

2. Post a listing without authorization from owner

Property seekers like to work with professional agents, agents who is authorized by owner to represent them in property negotiation. 

Once we have identified a listing without authorization, it will be removed immediately.

3. Sold/ rented/ fake/ dummy listing

If a good property listing has caught the attention of property seekers and they would be disappointed to know that the property is no longer available or found out that it's actually a fake/dummy listing. 

This will decrease the agent's credibility. 

How do we know? Listing police will check the build up and price of the property match the market price, Listing Quality Score <50% etc. Do put in genuine listing to avoid your listing being suspended!

4. Account sharing 

PropertyGuru account is strictly meant for one agent, the phone number in property photos and listing descriptions should be matching with the account holder details displayed in the profile.

Other practices that we do not encouraged includes:
a. Putting multiple property in one listing
b. Spamming keywords in description
c. Photos with text or image overlay

If your listings have been suspended, don't worry, follow the guides on how to appeal suspended listings.

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